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Today in Literature began in 2001 — the naïve idea of an English teacher on leave from the classroom. It was a weekly radio series in Canada before moving to the internet, on Salon.com and several other sites. It is now an independent web-site and subscription service, with over 25,000 visitors a day and subscribers in virtually every country in the world. It is pleasing to think that TinL helps to keep the world of books alive for so many — especially those two subscribers on Bouvet Island in the Antarctic, whoever you may be.

I also live on an island— Newfoundland, Canada— where I help raise two children, amuse my wife, and run this cottage industry. Please contact me with any comments or suggestions about the website. And please consider becoming a Premium subscriber: though TinL has an invaluable webmaster, and a growing list of guest contributors, it is a one-man operation and it needs your support.

February 23, 2018
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The TinL masthead features photography by Natasha D'Schommer , and the book art featured is by Jim Rosenau.
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