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April 24 Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray
  On this day in 1891 Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray was published. The novel caused an uproar for "its effeminate frivolity, its studied insincerity, its theatrical cynicism, its tawdry mysticism, its flippant philosophizing, its contaminating trail of garish vulgarity." But it sold well, making Wilde the focus of even more debate and finger-pointing.
April 23 Shakespeare, Cervantes & World Book Day
  On this day in 1616 both William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes died, and this is also the generally accepted day of Shakespeare's birth in 1564. This alignment of the literary stars requires some calendar juggling - a mathematical adjustment to bring Spain's Gregorian calendar in line with Elizabethan England's Julian calendar - but it has prompted UNESCO to declare today "World Book and Copyright Day."
April 22 Anne Sexton, "Her Kind," Suicide
  On this day in 1960, "confessional" American poet Anne Sexton published To Bedlam and Part Way Back, her first book of poetry, titled from experience. One poem in the collection is "Her Kind"; this signature piece would usually start Sexton's readings and, when the readings became performances accompanied by a chamber rock group, would have her billed as "Anne Sexton and Her Kind."

April 24, 2014
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