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September 3 Wordsworth's "Westminster Bridge"
  On this day in 1802 William Wordsworth completed "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge," one of his best known short poems. Wordsworth was crossing Westminster on his way to France in order to see for the first time his nine-year-old daughter, Caroline, and her mother, Annette Vallon, with whom he had had an affair in 1791.
September 2 "A Malicious Bloody Flame"
  On this day in 1666, the Great Fire of London began, enkindled by the King's baker when he failed to damp his oven properly. The Diary of Samuel Pepys provides a fascinating eye-witness account, from his first horrified sighting of "an infinite great fire," to digging a pit for his best wine and cheese, to a final walkabout "with our feet ready to burn."
September 1 Stein by Stein-as-Toklas
  On this day in 1933, Gertrude Stein published The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, her account of her salon life as seen through the devoted eyes of her companion. This ventriloquism allowed her to be Boswell to her own Johnson, and enshrine such Steinisms as "It was then that Gertrude Stein said, Hemingway, remarks are not literature."

September 3, 2014
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