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September 27 A Farewell to Arms, Scott, Agnes
  On this day in 1929 Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms was published. Biographically speaking, two farewells associated with the book may be those extended to F. Scott Fitzgerald -- after reading his nine pages of suggested manuscript revisions. Hemingway wrote "Kiss my ass" in the margin -- and to Agnes von Kurowsky, Hemingway's first love.
September 26 East & West Side Story
  On this day in 1957 West Side Story opened at Broadway's Winter Garden Theater for a run of 732 performances. Jerome Robbins first saw his modern Romeo and Juliet as a Jewish-Catholic conflict fought on New York City's east side; when the switch was made to Puerto Rican-"American" and the west side, Leonard Bernstein said he started to "hear rhythms and pulses" and "feel the form."
September 25 Talking Ring Lardner
  On this day in 1933 Ring Lardner died at the age of forty-eight, from a heart attack, tuberculosis and the cumulative effects of alcoholism. Lardner's wide-eyed, bush-league and "wise boob" characters made him the toast of the sports pages and popular magazines, and introduced "talk" as the "specifically American contribution to literature."

September 27, 2016
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