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December 7 Wilder and the Lost Generation [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1975 Thornton Wilder died at the age of seventy-eight. Wilder's popular, warm-hearted, life-affirming themes put him on the periphery of the Lost Generation crowd, but they won him Pulitzers for both literature and drama -- the only writer to do so.
December 6 The Triumph of Trollope [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1882 Anthony Trollope died. The recent commemorative plaque placed in Poets' Corner is inscribed with the last sentence from Trollope's posthumously-published Autobiography: "Now I stretch out my hand, and from the further shore I bid adieu to all who have cared to read any among the many words that I have written." The "many words" amount to forty-seven novels, all still in print and most selling well.
December 5 Rossetti's "Aesthetics of Renunciation" [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1830 Christina Rossetti was born. Although she was only peripherally involved with her brother's Pre-Raphaelites, and claimed to be "content in my shady crevice," Rossetti was not quite the "recluse, saint and renunciatory spinster" commonly portrayed. To those familiar only with her devotional or children's verse, her classic "Goblin Market" will raise eyebrows.

March 17, 2018
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