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September 14 John Gardner, Raymond Carver [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1982 the novelist and scholar John Gardner died at the age of forty-nine in a motorcycle accident. Gardner's novels range from the award-winning October Light, in which a crochety New Englander takes a shotgun to his television, to Grendel, a retelling of the Beowulf story by the troubled monster himself: "I observe myself observing what I observe. It startles me.... No thread, no frailest hair between myself and the universal clutter!"
September 13 Montaigne's "Solitarium" [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1592 Michel de Montaigne died. His Essays introduced a new literary genre to European letters, and the tower retreat in which he wrote them -- his "solitarium" -- continues to be a popular stop for the literary traveler. Among the forty-eight quotations Montaigne had carved in its roof-beams is his, "I am Human, let nothing human be foreign to me."
September 12 Ondaatje, Sri Lanka, Family [premium membership required]
  On this day in 1943 Michael Ondaatje was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Ondaatje left Ceylon at the age of eleven, for England and then Canada. Much of his earliest work couldn't have been more Western in topic or setting Billy the Kid, jazz, Toronto -- but several of Ondaatje's books look homeward, one of them his 1982 Running in the Family.

February 21, 2018
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