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Picture of Ernest Hemingway, author of The Sun Also Rises, The Torrents of Spring, and In Our Time; twentieth century American Literature
Ernest Hemingway
(1899 - 1961)

Category:  American Literature
Born: 1899
Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Died: 1961
Ketchum, Idaho
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Ernest Hemingway - LIFE STORIES
2/9/1926     The Hemingway Puzzle
On this day in 1926 Ernest Hemingway ended his contract with his first publisher, Boni & Liveright; this enabled him to sign with Scribners a week later, and so complete the double-deal he had orchestrated by means of his satiric novella, The Torrents of Spring. While the novella is little-read now, scholars regard it and the double-dealing as an early peek into the puzzle of Hemingway's personality.
2/22/1903     Callaghan, Hemingway, Fitzgerald    read it now!
On this day in 1903 the Canadian novelist and short story writer, Morley Callaghan was born. Though prolific and successful, Callaghan was so overlooked by the critics for much of his career that Edmund Wilson thought him "the most unjustly neglected writer in the English language." As Hemingway discovered, he could be underestimated as a boxer, too.
5/5/1964     Palin's Chair at Hemingway's Feast
On this day in 1964 Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast was published; and on this day in 1943 Michael Palin, author of Hemingway's Chair and author-guide of Hemingway Adventure, was born. Palin says that he was first inspired by Hemingway as a teenager, and first disappointed: "Unfortunately, in the late 1950s there wasn't much call for provincial English schoolboys to carry mortars up Spanish hillsides, and though I had a goldfish I hadn't fought for seven hours to land it."
7/2/1961     The Hemingways and Suicide
On this day in 1961 Ernest Hemingway committed suicide at the age of 61. There have been 5 suicides in the Hemingway family over 4 generations -- father Clarence; siblings Ursula, Leicester and Ernest; granddaughter Margaux. The generation skipped was just barely: Hemingway's youngest son, Gregory, died as a transsexual named Gloria, of causes that put a lot of strain on the term "natural."
7/7/1923     Hemingway's Bulls
On this day the running of the bulls begins in Pamplona, on the first morning of the nine-day Feast of San Fermin. Hemingway first went as a twenty-three-year-old still filing stories for the Toronto Star: "Then they came in sight. Eight bulls galloping along, full tilt, heavy set, black, glistening, sinister, their horns bare, tossing their heads...."
8/11/1937     Wharton vrs. Hemingway vrs. Eastman
On this day in 1937, expatriate Edith Wharton died in France, in the quiet, Old World style she liked to live and describe; also on this day in 1937, and in New World contrast, ex-expatriate Ernest Hemingway bared his hairy chest to Max Eastman's unhairy one, demanded "What do you mean accusing me of impotence?" and then wrestled Eastman to the floor.
8/13/1923     Hemingway's Debut
On this day in 1923, Ernest Hemingway published his first book, Three Stories and Ten Poems. This was an edition of 300 copies, put out by friend and fellow expatriate, the writer-publisher Robert McAlmon. Both had arrived in Paris in 1921, Hemingway an unpublished 22-year-old with a handful of letters of introduction provided by Sherwood Anderson, and with his own clear imperative: "All you have to do is write one true sentence."
9/1/1952     Hemingway and The Old Man and the Sea
Looking back, Hemingway's wife would say that at the beginning of 1951 she saw early signs that "a general disintegration of Ernest's personality" was underway. This was also the time that he began The Old Man and the Sea, the story that he had heard fifteen years earlier from a Cuban fisherman, and that would not only save his sliding reputation but bring him a Nobel.
9/27/1929     A Farewell to Arms, Scott, Agnes
On this day in 1929 Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms was published. Biographically speaking, two farewells associated with the book may be those extended to F. Scott Fitzgerald -- after reading his nine pages of suggested manuscript revisions. Hemingway wrote "Kiss my ass" in the margin -- and to Agnes von Kurowsky, Hemingway's first love.
10/21/1940     For Whom the Bell Tolls
On this day in 1940 Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls was published. It had been over a decade since A Farewell to Arms, and though there had been a handful of books during that time, the critics had not thought much of them. About this one, many agreed with Edmund Wilson: "Hemingway the artist is with us again; and it is like having an old friend back."
11/17/1919     Shakespeare & Co.
On this day in 1919 American expatriate Sylvia Beach opened her bookshop-library, "Shakespeare and Company," in the Left Bank section of Paris. It was an intellectual and social center for the international literary community for decades; it was closed when a Nazi officer wanted Beach's last copy of Finnegans Wake, and "liberated" after the war by Hemingway.
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A Farewell to Arms
A Moveable Feast
Death In The Afternoon
For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway: The Finca Vigia Edition
by Ernest Hemingway (Preface), Charles, Jr. Scribner (Preface)
anthology, fiction
The Old Man and the Sea
The Sun Also Rises
The Torrents of Spring
Three Stories & Ten Poems
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Fitzgerald and Hemingway: A Dangerous Friendship
by Matthew Joseph Bruccoli
Hemingway: The 1930s
by Michael Reynolds
Hemingway: The Final Years
by Michael Reynolds
Hemingway: The Homecoming
by Michael Reynolds
Hemingway: The Paris Years
by Michael Reynolds
The Young Hemingway
by Michael Reynolds
Walks in Hemingway's Paris: A Guide to Paris for the Literary Traveler
by Noel Riley Fitch
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Ernest Hemingway Image Gallery
Collection of images from the Princeton University Library.
Ernest Hemingway, 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature
Hemingway was awarded the 1954 Nobel Prize in Literature "for his mastery of the art of narrative, most recently demonstrated in The Old Man and the Sea, and for the influence that he has exerted on contemporary style." Visit the official Nobel website for an author biography, Hemingway's Nobel Lecture and Swedish Stamps, and other resources, including an article which explorer's the themes and literary theories and techniques employed by Hemingway in such works as Death in the Afternoon and A Farewell to Arms.
Hemingway at Shakespeare & Company
Literary Traveler is a website featuring original stories about important locales in literary history. This article discusses the relationship between Sylvia Beach, Shakespeare & Company and the great writers of the era, including Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Gertrude Stein.
Internet Public Library: Online Literary Criticism of Ernest Hemingway
Index of selected websites about Hemingway, with an emphasis on biographies, literary criticism and analysis. Includes links to essays about specific works, including A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Garden of Eden, A Moveable Feast, and The Old Man and the Sea.
Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time
Online gallery and biography presented by the National Portrait Gallery. Includes photographs and background on his marriages, works, and friends.
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