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Don Fox
Don Fox
As Chief Announcer for Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN), Don Fox had time on his hands. When not on the air broadcasting the "Goooood Morning, Vietnam" radio program in 1966 – '67, he took to the wide boulevards of Saigon and the rustic, dusty streets of rural villages photographing ordinary Vietnamese citizens caught in the crosshairs of history. When he returned to civilian life, photography took a back seat to a continuing career in broadcast journalism, followed by over two decades as a teacher. Retiring in 2002 allowed him time to rekindle his passion for capturing images. His one-man traveling exhibit, Face to Face: Images from a Different War displays more than three dozen digitally remastered photos from his days in Vietnam.

"My photography," he asserts, "is an extension of my role as a teacher. When high schools and colleges invite me to display my work or address their students, one of my goals is always to use images-whether photographic or poetic-to urge the audience to explore the full range of human emotions and to discover their own human truths, to examine the world and their role in it. To look is not enough. I want them to see. Isn't that, after all, the goal of all Art?"

Fox, who holds a Masters Degree in English, also regularly shows and sells his contemporary images in upstate New York galleries and through his web site, A member of the board of directors of the Ontario County Arts Council, he lives near the Finger Lakes community of Canandaigua, NY with his wife Bonnie and their two cats, Metaphor and Simile.

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March 17, 2018
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