Guest Contributors
Judging by our mail, it is clear that among our readers and subscribers are many people -- scholars, writers, book enthusiasts of all sorts -- with information and talent to share. While we cannot accommodate all styles and passions, we invite inquiries concerning our "guest contributor" series.

We will listen to all suggestions, but we are primarily interested in two kinds of writing:
  • articles written about a specific author or moment in literary history
  • fiction, poetry, memoir, etc. from recently published or, better yet, soon-to-be published books
In addition, we also welcome inquiries concerning visual and audio materials, such as:
  • photographs
  • illustrations, paintings, and other artwork
  • lectures, speeches, interviews, and other audio resources

If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor at Today In Literature, please contact us.

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February 21, 2018
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The TinL masthead features photography by Natasha D'Schommer , and the book art featured is by Jim Rosenau.
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