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Aleksandr Pushkin
(1799 - 1837)

Category:  Russian Literature
Born:  June 6, 1799
Moscow, Russia
Died:  February 10, 1837
St. Petersburg, Russia
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Aleksandr Pushkin - LIFE STORIES
2/10/1837     Pushkin's Duel, Pushkin's Button
On this day in 1837 Aleksandr Pushkin died at the age of thirty-seven, from a stomach wound suffered in a duel two days earlier. Though the duel is still something of a mystery, full of drama and social overtones, its specific cause was straightforward enough: a handsome officer in the Tsar's Horse Guards, a beautiful wife who liked to flirt, and salon gossip that had become nasty and public in St. Petersburg.
6/8/1880     Pushkin & Dostoevsky
On this day in 1880 Fyodor Dostoevsky delivered his historic speech at the unveiling of the Pushkin Monument in Moscow. The speech, or rather the enthusiastic reaction to it, is regarded as the high mark of Dostoevsky's public fame and, coming just six months before his death, as an event representing as much a memorial to him as to Pushkin.
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Alexander Pushkin: The Collected Stories
anthology, short stories
Boris Godunov
Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse
by Aleksandr Pushkin, James E. Falen (Translator)
The Captain's Daughter and Other Stories
anthology, short stories
The Complete Prose Tales of Alexandr Sergeyevitch Pushkin
anthology, short stories
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Alexander Pushkin
by A. D. P. Briggs
analysis and criticism
Alexander Pushkin's Little Tragedies: The Poetics of Brevity
by Svetlana Evdokimova (Editor)
criticism and analysis
Commemorating Pushkin: Russia's Myth of a National Poet
by Stephanie Sandler
criticism and analysis
Pushkin and Romantic Fashion: Fragment, Elegy, Orient, Irony
by Monika Greenleaf
criticism and analysis
Pushkin and the Genres of Madness: The Masterpieces of 1833
by Gary Rosenshield
analysis and criticism
Pushkin's Children: Writing on Russia and Russians
by Tatyana Tolstaya (Author), Jamey Gambrell (Translator)
non-fiction, essays
Pushkin's Tatiana
by Olga Peters Hasty
criticism and analysis
Pushkin: A Biography
by T.J. Binyon
Pushkin: A Collection of Articles and Essays on the Great Russian Poet A. S. Pushkin
by The U. S. S. R. Society for ...
analysis and criticism
With Shakespeare's Eyes: Pushkin's Creative Appropriation of Shakespeare
by Catherine O'Neil
analysis and criticism
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Famous Russian People
Find a lengthy biography and selection of poems. Also offers resources on Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anton Chekhov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and others.

"Nobody has been able to say 'I love you' in a more passionate, desperate, deep and yet elegant and tasteful way. That is what distinguishes Alexander Pushkin from any person in the world, alive or dead. He was a genius, and no renowned person in Russia is worshipped more. Pushkin pours out our Russian soul -- gleeful, suffering, generous, confused, glorious and unsure... In St. Petersburg Pushkin is everywhere. The streets, parks, boulevards, squares and riversides keep the sound of his heroes' steps. Russian painting and music abound in Pushkin's ideas, plots, characters, and moods. The time when he lived is called 'the Golden Age of the Russian literature'. He is the ONE who influenced the cultural development of Russia in every way...."
Online Books Page
Find electronic texts to works including:

  • Boris Godunov: A Drama in Verse, trans. by Alfred Hayes

  • Marie: A Story of Russian Love, trans. by Marie H. de Zielinska

  • Stories By Foreign Authors: Russian (with contributions by by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, Nikolai V. Gogol, and Leo Tolstoy)
  • "The Blurred Racial Lines of Famous Families"
    A fascinating article explores the Pushkin family Genealogy, from past to present.

    "Although the vast majority of African Americans are unfamiliar with Pushkin's monumental works, most students of literature are at least aware of his 'Blackamoor of Peter the Great,' an unfinished romance which relates the biographical data of the poet's great-grandfather, Ibrahim Petrovitch Gannibal his black great-grandfather.

    Some early critics wrongly suspected that Pushkin attempted to aggrandize the African lineage of this black forebear by playing up the family tradition that he was an Ethiopian princeling. However, Pushkin certainly did not need to embellish his ancestor's own personal history...."
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    March 18, 2018
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