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Bust of Alexander Pope from the Leeds City Art Galleries.
Alexander Pope   (1688 - 1744)
Category:  English Literature
Born:  May 5, 1688
London, England
Died:  May 27, 1744
Twickenham, Middlesex, England
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Alexander Pope - LIFE STORIES
5/21/1688     Pope as Hedgehog and Monkey
On this day in 1688 Alexander Pope was born in London, the only child of middle-aged, Catholic parents. His religion barred him from politics, or from attending university for a professional career, and his teenage tuberculosis made him a hunchback no more than 4' 6" tall. Many biographers portray him as an outsider and attribute his penchant for satire to such a convergence of circumstances.
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Alexander Pope
by Alexander Pope, Douglas Grant (Editor)
guide, essays, biography, analysis
Last and Greatest Art: Some Unpublished Poetical Manuscripts of Alexander Pope
by Alexander Pope, Maynard MacK (Editor)
Poems of Alexander Pope
by Alexander Pope, John Butt (Editor)
poetry, anthology
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Alexander Pope
by Maynard Mack
Collected in Himself: Essays Critical, Biographical, and Bibliographical on Pope and Some of His Contemporaries
by Maynard Mack
essays, letters
Essays on Pope
by Pat Rogers
essays, literary history, analysis
The Complete Critical Guide to Alexander Pope
by Paul Baines
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Essay: "A Heroic Poet"
Read an Essay which argues that Poe's reputation for being quarrelsome -- in life and such works as "The Dunciad" -- was a natural response to the criticism he received, and to the corrupt nature of the government and society, which were the objects of his satire.

"But these attacks on the ruling powers were more than expressions of private anger for injustices suffered by himself and his friends. Rather, Pope saw himself as something of a national conscience, his verse achieving the moral force of those ancient seers who predicted either prosperity or woe for their people."
Samuel Johnson's The Lives of the Poets
Find Johnson's biographical notes in "The Life of Pope." Offers analysis and commentary about the poet by his contemporaries.

"Pope was from his birth of a constitution tender and delicate; but is said to have shewn remarkable gentleness and sweetness of disposition. The weakness of his body continued through his life, but the mildness of his mind perhaps ended with his childhood. His voice, when he was young, was so pleasing that he was called in fondness the 'little Nightingale.'"
The London of Hogarth and Pope
A chapter from Hogarth: A Life and a World, a biography of Poe's contemporary, William Hogarth, explores life in early eighteenth century London. A good read for providing context to the debate between "high" and "low" art, and the publication of The Dunciad.

"The cries of nut-sellers and fruit-vendors fought with those of showmen whipping up an audience for waxworks, rope-dancing and music booths, conjuring tricks, acrobats and drolls. Once inside the booths, the impatient fairgoers, sitting on rickety benches or at trestle tables, crunched walnuts and damsons, handed round baskets of plums, pears and peaches, flirted and joked and heckled with cries of Show, Show, Show, Show!' until the players arrived."
The Victorian Web
This comprehensive site offers a biography, chronology of events in the poet's life, and an essay about Poe's Twickenham home. The complete texts of "An Essay on Criticism," "An Essay on Man," and "The Rape of the Lock," are also offered, with commentary and alaysis. Other resources provide historical, scientific, religious, and political context to the writer's age.

"Considered as a whole, the Essay on Man is an affirmative poem of faith: life seems chaotic and patternless to man when he is in the midst of it, but is in fact a coherent portion of a divinely ordered plan. In Pope's world God exists, and he is benificent: his universe is an ordered place."
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