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Picture of Billy the Kid, nineteenth century American outlaw
Photograph: Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid   (1860 - 1881)
Category:  American Literature
Born:  November 23, 1860
New York City, United States
Died:  July 14, 1881
Fort Sumner, New Mexico, United States
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Louis L'Amour, Michael Ondaatje, O. Henry, Walter Woods, Zane Grey
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Billy the Kid - LIFE STORIES
7/14/1881     Billy the Kid, by Ondaatje, O. Henry...
On this day in 1881 Billy the Kid was killed by his nemesis, Pat Garrett, at Fort Sumner, New Mexico. Near midnight, the Kid returned from an errand of love or hunger to find someone in his hideout; to his hushed "Quien es? Quien es?," Billy received a fatal shot above the heart. This was also the starting pistol for a fiction marathon which shows no signs of being over. . . .
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Billy the Kid: A Short and Violent Life
by Robert M. Utley
Billy the Kid: His Life and Legend
by Jon Tuska
guide, anthology
Pat F. Garrett's the Authentic Life of Billy the Kid
by Pat F. Garrett
The Collected Works of Billy the Kid
by Michael Ondaatje
poetry, fiction
The Stone Garden: The Epic Life of Billy the Kid
by Bill Brooks
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About Billy the Kid
Offers a biography, discussion on Kid facts and myths, maps of New Mexico and the town of Lincoln, a chronology of events in the gunfighter's life, excerpts from letters and interviews, a filmography and critical review of the film Young Guns, quiz, links, and eulogies:

"The Kid stayed with me at my home for most of one winter, during which time we became staunch friends. I never enjoyed better company. He was humorous and told me many amusing stories. He always found a touch of humor in everything, being naturally full of fun and jollity. Though he was serious in emergencies, his humor was often apparent even in such situations. Billy stood with us to the end, brave and reliable, one of the best soldiers we had."
-- Frank Coe, a Regulator and close friend
Crime Library
Find a detailed biography on the life of this legendary outlaw. Also offers information about Pat Garrett, the Murphy Gang, the Regulators, and the Lincoln County War.

"'Next to Jesse Woodson James, no other outlaw of the American Old West still captures the imagination and near-obsession of the public than Billy the Kid,' writes Jay Robert Nash in Western Lawmen & Outlaws. ... [But the] West in the last quarter of the 1800s was occupied by slippery-inked blue journalists who traveled the iron horse locomotive to the burgeoning frontier beyond the Mississippi to add a little more color to an already colorful scenery. Billy's notches may not have passed a total of four."
Library of Congress: American Life Histories
Find historical documents on the famous gunslinger, including statements from a childhood friend and others who knew him.

"About the last part of October of the same year, the Governor issued an order that the militia should make an effort to round all bandits in Chaves county, a task which the militia was not able to accomplish hence it disbanded. Billy the Kid received an honorable discharge and would probably have gone straight from them on had it not been that at this juncture the District Court met and the Marfes swore a complaint against him and ordered sheriff Kimbrall to arrest him. Billy stubbornaly refused to accompany the sheriff and threatened to take away his life rather than to be apprehended. Again nothing was heard for a time and then Pat Garrett offered to bring in the desperado for a reward. The Governor having been made aware of the situation himself offered a reward of $500. Immediately Pat Garrett accompanied by four other men got ready to go after Billy and found him and three other boys, whom they surrounded...."
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