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Picture of Marcel Proust, author of Remembrance of Things Past (In Search of Lost Time); French Literature
Marcel Proust   (1871 - 1922)
Category:  French Literature
Born:  July 10, 1871
Paris, France
Died:  November 18, 1922
Paris, France
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Marcel Proust - LIFE STORIES
1/1/1909     Proust Meets Monty Python
On or about this day in 1909 Marcel Proust dipped his madeleine in tea and tumbled into the childhood memory that triggered the seven-volume, fourteen-year, Remembrance of Things Past (or, as many now prefer, In Search of Lost Time). Those who have read it, or who want an alternative to doing so, might try Monty Python's fifteen-second, Summarize Proust Competition....
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In Search of Lost Time   (Remembrance of Things Past)
Swann's Way
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Marcel Proust: A Life
by William C. Carter
Proust in the Power of Photography
by Brassai, Richard Howard (Translator)
The World of Proust, as seen by Paul Nadar
by Paul Nadar, Anne-Marie Bernard
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Guardian Unlimited
Find biographical information, and reviews of recent Proust biographies and translations. Selected articles examine the author's enduring legacy and influence, including one feature which finds In Search of Lost Time to be "one of the miracles of European literature."

"Henry James characterised reading Proust as 'inconceivable boredom associated with the most extreme ecstasy which it is possible to imagine'; Joseph Conrad bluntly saw 'no emotion' in it, while Virginia Woolf had a momentary fear that Proust had achieved all that was possible in the novel. He did meet Joyce, in difficulty and length as well as style perhaps his true successor, but rather than swapping tips on sentence structure each simply moaned about his respective health."
Proust Ephemera
Find English-language translations of electronic texts written by Proust. Includes an essay from the author's youth, theatrical reviews, critical analysis of literary works, various articles, and selected letters.
A website devoted to the study of la recherche du temps perdu. Features a biography, discussion board, chronology of events in the author's life, a glossary of over 400 characters who appear in Proust's novels, and an impressive annotated bibliography featuring thematic and psychoanalytic criticism, deconstruction, stylystic analysis, philosophical studies, narratology, biographies, and more.

"Known traditionally in English as Remembrance of Things Past, the most recent translations render the title more accurately (although perhaps less poetically) as In Search of Lost Time. This site is intended to be of interest to lay readers of Proust, as well as to those doing research on the novel."
The New York Times
A review of two recent Proust biographies examines the author's life and works, and considers "the enduring relevance of biography to the deeper understanding of a literary masterpiece."

"The first task -- and both these fine biographers succeed admirably in this -- is to explode the terrible myths that cling like barnacles to the person of this highly intelligent and original writer: the cliches of the neurotic hypochondriac insomniac snob, of the drama queen and mommy's boy who lived by night and slept by day, rarely venturing from the bed in his cork-lined room. The second task is to be minded of Proust's own convictions: ... that the best way to understand an artist's work is not to look at the life of the artist (as the great 19th-century critic Sainte-Beuve had done) but to analyze the themes, structures and images with which the artist's work articulates a unique vision of the world."
The Kolb-Proust Archive for Research
A searchable collection of research documents based on the author's correspondence. Also offers a biography, an extensive scholarly bibliography, and Proust's own answers to a series of frequently asked questions. A useful resource for Proust research.

"Because Proust was more preoccupied by human relations than by practical concerns, he often felt the need to provide long and subtle explanations for the most ordinary of his actions, such as inviting someone to dinner. Some of his letters are full of humour, while others express deep distress. In them he appears to us as he did to his contemporaries: sensitive and intelligent, often charming, sometimes exasperating."
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February 23, 2018
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