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Picture of Sir William Wallace
William Wallace   (1270 - 1305)
Category:  Scottish Literature
Born: 1270
near Pasiley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Died: 1305
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Robert Burns
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William Wallace - LIFE STORIES
8/23/1305     Burns, Blind Harry & Braveheart    read it now!
On this day in 1305 Scotland's William Wallace was executed -- to be accurate: hanged, disemboweled, beheaded and quartered. The William Wallace legend and the popularity of the Braveheart movie owe much to a 15th century epic poem by Blind Harry the Minstrel. Robert Burns added to Wallace literature too, though his "Scots Wha Hae" went forth behind cover.
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Blind Harry's Wallace
by William Hamilton
Robert Burns: Selected Poems
by Robert Burns, Carol McGuirk (Editor)
poetry, anthology
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Find a biography and the full online electronic text to Jane Porter's The Scottish Chiefs: An Historical Novel about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. The website also offers information about Scottish and Scots Irish Clans (families, Septs, names, tartans, mini bios, history of the Gael), Scottish history and Gaelic arts, and a selection of resources on travel and lifestyle.

"William Wallace is one of Scotland's greatest national heroes, undisputed leader of the Scottish resistance forces during the first years of the long and ultimately successful struggle to free Scotland from English rule at the end of the 13th Century. ... Wallace's place as a hero in Scottish history is assured. There can be little doubt that he has always been revered as a self-effacing and passionate patriot by later generations of Scots. Unlike the conniving Scottish nobles who had collaborated with the English in return for financial benefits, Wallace had never sought personal fame nor benefited from it. He had accrued neither wealth nor land."
Images of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce
An annotated picture gallery offering selected paintings and illustrations of Wallace and Robert the Bruce throughout the centuries since their death, information and photographs from Braveheart, and depictions of historical scenes and battles. Also offers information about biographies and historical texts.

"The Scottish people have always been independent, individualistic, awkward if you like -- and have long memories. Also their land is sufficiently dramatic in itself. There is scarcely a yard of the country without its story to tell, of heroism and treachery, of warfare or worship, of flourish or folly or heartbreak - for the Scots never did anything by half. This, the most ancient kingdom in Christendom, has more castles, abbeys, battlefields, graveyards, monuments, stone-circles, inscribed stones, and relics of every kind -- and eyesores too, admittedly -- than any other land of its size, in Highlands and Lowlands, mainland and islands."
-- Nigel Tranter, Scottish author
A fan site "dedicated to keeping alive the spirit of Braveheart." Find answers to frequently asked questions about the movie, picture galleries, screen savers, biographies, maps, and information about Blind Harry's epic poem which inspired the movie production.
Wars of Independence
A short biography by the BBC briefly examines Wallace's military, diplomatic, and cultural accomplishments.

"It was a remarkable achievement for a mere knight to hold power over the nobles of Scotland. In a medieval world obsessed with hierarchy, Wallace's extraordinary military success catapulted him to the top of the social ladder. He now guided Scottish policy. Letters were dispatched to Europe proclaiming Scotland's renewed independence and he managed to obtain from the Papacy the appointment of the patriotic Bishop Lamberton to the vacant Bishopric of St Andrews."
William Wallace: The Truth Behind the Man
A length study separates facts from myths, examining the "artistic licenses" found in the 1995 film Braveheart starring Mel Gibson. Also includes a biography of Robert the Bruce, and information on the Wallace family, Queen Anne and the 1707 Act of Union, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 1745 Rebellion, and The Culloden Atrocities.

"Had Wallace not been a man of considerable strength by what other means could the second son of an obscure knight, a mere youth just out of his teens, without the support or patronage of a single noble, have maintained himself, attracted followers, stuck fear into the enemy during face-to-face combat, secured the hatred of Edward Plantagenet I of England, and become the hero of a nation if he did not possess quite exceptional physical strength and prowess?"
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