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Barry Moser and Natasha D'Schommer are featured artists at TinL.

Barry Moser is the internationally known illustrator of many classics and childrens' books. Two sample pages from the TinL / Barry Moser Weekly Planner are available here. The planner will be available in limited quantities this fall, with a 50% DISCOUNT for Premium members. To pre-order, please email us with a brief note, specifying the number of copies you wish to reserve.

Rare book photographer Natasha D'Schommer will have a collection of her photographs published by Princeton University Press this autumn. To view her complete portfolio of unique note-cards, go here. These cards are also available at a 50% DISCOUNT for Premium members:

5 cards -- $8 + $5 shipping = $13
10 cards -- $15 + $5 shipping = $20

When ordering, be sure to use the card identification numbers (beside each card), and to include your mailing address and your e-mail address. Send your check (USD) and order to the following address:

Today in Literature
P. O. Box 140
Seal Harbor
ME 04675

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March 18, 2018
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The TinL masthead features photography by Natasha D'Schommer , and the book art featured is by Jim Rosenau.
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