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Barry Moser

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The following pages feature a sample of the 229 wood engravings in Barry Moser's recently published Pennyroyal Caxton Bible -- the first Bible since Gustave Doré to be illustrated by one artist. Accompanying the engravings are excerpts from Barry's essays and interviews.

Abraham and Isaac

"I think when people have illustrated the Bible, most of them have been devout Christians. Because they're devout Christians they can't separate themselves from the work. They get mired in piety, so they can't see the darkness. They only see the light of salvation. But if you don't have the darkness to contrast with the light, then what are you offering but cotton candy for Sunday school children? I think that some of the images in this Bible will be disturbing to a lot of people. The Bible is a very disturbing book."

The Blood of Thine Enemies

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February 21, 2018
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